Thursday, July 11, 2013

Genius! Cat grooming tool

I have two cats (pictured above). The darker one is named Emmy and the lighter one is Lily (and yes, they do actually sit like that. I did not make them pose). Lily has extremely long hair that sheds all the time! Being an indoor cat, she sheds most of the year. Her fur is all over the place. It sticks to my clothes, my furniture, the counters, books...Today I heard about a cat grooming tool that is supposed to help with shedding. I was a bit skeptical because it looks similar to any other grooming brush you'd use on a cat but I was shocked at how amazing this little thing is.

This brush is called the Furminator and comes in a couple of sizes. There are small and large brushes and you can choose between the long hair and short hair version. I got the small long hair brush and tried it out today. It is very easy to use. There is a little button at the back of the brush which releases the fur captured. I was so shocked by how much fur came out. What this brush does is allow the loose fur from the undercoat to be removed, something that a normal brush cannot do. It claims to reduce shedding by 90%. This is also great for those nasty hair balls that cats get from grooming themselves. So far I am quite impressed and would recommend this for any long haired cat owner.


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