Saturday, June 29, 2013

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

A few weeks ago I did a review on a keyboard cover I got for my iPad. I was looking to attach a keyboard to my iPad because I often type and blog on the go. Last week, the USB charging port on that keyboard broke. So I was once again on the search for a new keyboard. I had heard great things about the Logitech one but was not ready to spend the $100 the first time I picked out a keyboard cover. In hindsight, if I had spent the extra $30 in the beginning, it would have cost me a lot less in the end.

Yesterday I stopped at Best Buy and picked up the purple keyboard (it comes in white, black and purple). It is very thin and quite easy to set up. The hinge on the back is magnetic and puts the iPad to sleep when the cover is closed (like the iPad Smart Cover). A third of the way down the keyboard there is a groove where you place the keyboard when you want to type. This groove is magnetic as well and allows the keyboard to stay in place while you type. So far I find that it works quite well and my iPad has not slipped out. When it is propped in typing mode, you get a 60 degree viewing angle which is quite comfortable for both typing on a table or on your lap. I have only had the chance to use this keyboard for a day but I have done quite a lot of typing with it. They keyboard feels quite sturdy and is very responsive. The only thing I have heard people complain about is the fact that it needs to be pulled off its hinge each time it is used. I don't find that to be an issue. In fact, I find that it allows for this case to be quite thin and easy to carry around. It looks quite stylish when the cover is closed. Logitech has matched their outer cover to the brushed silver backing of the iPad. This gives it the look of a mini MacBook Air. I am really hoping that this keyboard lasts a little longer than the other one. So far I am impressed.

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