Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Get UP with the new Jawbone fitness bracelet

This past weekend I picked up the new Jawbone UP fitness band from the apple store. I'd been debating making this purchase for the last week or so. After reading many articles and watching quite a few review videos, I decided to go for it.

So what does this bracelet do exactly? It tracks your steps during the day as well as your sleep and sleep quality. I was most intrigued about the sleep portion. It gives you stats on how long it took you to sleep, how many hours of deep sleep vs light sleep you got. Here is an example of my Sunday night sleep pattern:

So far I am really loving this bracelet and have found that it is motivating me to get up and walk more often. You can set step goals for each day and add friends to your account for encouragement (or competitive) purposes.

Some other cool features:

- The app has a bar code scanner so you can scan different foods you've eaten throughout the day. This then provides you with all the nutritional information and calories
- You can set smart alarms that will wake you up at the best time according to your sleep pattern and sleep goal
- There is an idle alarm that goes off if you've been sitting still for too long

I'm still discovering the app and its features but so far I am enjoying this little gizmo and highly recommend it.



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