Sunday, April 28, 2013

Great iPad Keyboard/Case

I picked up this case for my iPad today because my Apple Smart Cover was nearly destroyed. My intention was to pick up another Smart Cover/Case but for 54$, I figured I could get something more functional. That is when I came across the Verbatim Slim Folio Keyboard case. At 69$, it is not only a full case, but it has a bluetooth keyboard built in. So far I am loving it! I am actually using it right now to write this post on my iPad.

Click here to see some of its cool features!

Some things that I found unique about this particular keyboard case (there are many out there):

- the keyboard is held in by magnets and is easy to remove so that you can either type more comfortably or remove some of the bulk from the case when traveling
- the plastic grips that hold the iPad in place swivel so that you can view the iPad in both landscape and portrait mode when typing.
- the keyboard has quite a few neat shortcut buttons (screen lock, zoom, closing window, copy and paste), which makes it quick to do those simple frequently used tasks
- the case is quite stylish. It has a magnetic enclosure on the outside which keeps everything secure. As far as I know, it comes in black and gray (I have the gray one)

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