Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Health and Beauty: Yoga Cures

I used to be really into yoga. I have tons of books and DVDs and I used to attend yoga classes weekly. In the last couple of years I have let the whole fitness aspect of my life fall aside. I found that I was too busy with work and too exhausted to consider doing anything active after a long day in class with all my screaming students. I got most of my exercise teaching gym class last year. I would always play the sports with the kids or run around with them. I taught gym almost everyday, so that got me moving a lot during the week. This year I have no gym classes and have started to feel quite stiff and out of shape. After getting my third migraine since September I tried to look for some natural ways to cure the migraines. This is when I came across Tara Stiles' new book Yoga Cures. I picked it up this weekend and started to read through it and have developed a routine for myself which will hopefully help with my headaches and sore muscles. I am excited to get back to practicing yoga daily. Now that I have moved into a bigger apartment I have a lot of space and quiet to do these routines.

For more Tara Stiles, visit her YouTube page. She does wonderful videos on exercise, meditation and healthy eating.

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