Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Tech: Samsung Galaxy S3

I have decided to change Tuesdays posts from Tuesday Teachables to Tuesday Tech. I have noticed that most of my Tuesday Teachables posts have been geared toward tech talk, so I figured that I would be able to cover more by sticking to tech.

This week I want to review the Samsung Galaxy S3

I have been an apple girl for a long time. I have a macbook, various iPods, an apple TV, an iPad and up until recently, an iPhone. So why did I make the change from iOS to Android? The truth is, I was getting a little bored with the iPhone and rather than take a step forward this year, I feel as though apple took a step back when they introduced iOS6. With that upgrade, the maps were lost, the original YouTube app disappeared and my WiFi no longer worked on my phone. I am very directionally impaired and the new maps that were introduced were horrible. Ever since the update, I constantly got lost. I know that google will be releasing an app for maps for the iPhone in the next month or so, but I started to feel some of the limitations of the iPhone. Now, before I continue, I must say that I love my iPad and my macbook. For blogging and gaming and writing and reading, they have been wonderful. But for how I used my phone, I felt I could get more out of an android phone.

So...I sold my iPhone 4s and picked up the Samsung Galaxy S3. Having used an iPhone for quite a while, I am still getting used to this new phone but so far I am loving it. I figured the easiest way to review it would be to make a list of pros and cons.

The Pros:

- Great battery life. I find I can get a few more hours than I did with the iPhone
- Customizable screens. You can add widgets to your 7 screens to personalize your phone (I have post it notes, weather, alarm clock, picture frame, calendar, flipboard)
- You can download files from the internet and store them on your phone.
- Java! All the websites that didn't work on the iPhone due to the java restrictions work on the Galaxy.
- LED notifications. I love having the blinking light telling me when I have a message instead of having to turn on the screen to keep checking.
- Great 8 megapixel camera
- Phone is super light and super thin.

The Cons:

- Sometime some of the apps seem a bit sluggish (I notice this most with the texting)
- I am disappointed in the plastic feel of the phone. I think that Samsung could have made the phone feel a bit more sturdier than it does.

Obviously the pros outweigh the cons. I am loving this phone and loving how easy it is to customize it and keep myself organized. It is very simple to use and definitely recommended if you're looking to get into the Android phone market.

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At November 28, 2012 at 6:36 AM , Blogger Raphael Temple said...

Love the new phone gadget and the new blog layout!!


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