Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday Health and Beauty: Macadamia Oil

A while back I was at Trade Secrets buying some shampoo and nail polish. Part of their promotion that day was a bag filled with Macadamia Oil products if you spent $50 or more. This little bag came with a shampoo, hair mask and an oil treatment. I used up the shampoo and mask and forgot about the oil until I was recently cleaning out my cupboard. What a miracle product! I was away this past weekend and didn't really condition or take care of my hair properly and it was extremely dry and tangled when I got home. I used a pea sized amount on my hair after showering yesterday and it made my hair so soft! It also smells amazing! I will definitely be purchasing a full sized bottle of this stuff! I've even gotten a ton of compliments on how soft my hair looks.


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