Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Health and Beauty: Hair Dye

I have been colouring my hair more often recently. This is because my gray hairs are starting to show. I'm 28 and already have quite a few gray hairs, which all seem to want to grow at the front where it is very noticeable. And no, they do not look like highlights. I have very dark hair so these lovely grays really show. I am not one of those lucky people who don't see a gray hair until their late 30s. But I guess I have to be thankful that I'm also not completely gray in my 20s. To me, gray hair looks distinguished, even sexy on men. But on women (especially younger women), not so much. So I have been trying out various dyes. I must also mention that my grays are stubborn and do not like to be dyed. Here are a few of my favourite hair dyes.

Solfine Crema Color. This is the hair dye I use most often. Is affordable and does a great job covering grays. This can only be found at Jean Coutu Pharmacies. Since I'm close to Quebec, this isn't a problem for me. But I'm not sure where this product can be purchased elsewhere I'm Canada or in the States.

Garnier Nutrisse in Light Brown. Today I picked up a box of this and it's the second time using it. It isn't as great at covering grays, but it's quick and easy to use. Also it does not have the potent ammonia smell that most permanent hair dyes have.

Hair dye tip: when picking a colour, if you're unsure between more than one shade, always go for the lighter one. Remember, if your hair is dark, your results will be darker than those on the box.

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