Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tech: My top 5 favourite iPad apps

Here are some of my favourite iPad apps that I have been using for a while now.

1. Mahjong Towers by Big Fish Games. This is an addictive game and is a great time killer when you need one. There are so many levels to play that get progressively more difficult.

2. Jasmine. This is a great YouTube client app that I actually prefer over the standard YouTube app. Many will have noticed that the streaming to Apple TV does not work with YouTube after the iOS 6 update. This app works perfectly with the Apple TV.

3. Etude. This is one of my favourite music apps. It allows you to buy sheet music, which you can then display on your iPad. I have downloaded so many songs that I have wanted to learn and have been having a ton of fun with this app.

4. Evernote. This is a great app that allows you to save a variety of notes across all of your computers and devices. I find this especially handy as a teacher because I can store assignment marks on my computer at school through this app and then access them on my iPad when I get home.

5. Flipboard. This is like a personalized magazine that you can customize. You can have all your favourite blog feeds and news feeds stored in this app so that it is like a magazine of only the things you want to see.

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