Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday: Things I like this week

Jennifer Aniston's Perfume. I often like to spray on random perfumes while I'm shopping. Usually I end up with ones that are too strong or too fruity. While at Sephora the other day, I noticed this perfume on their best seller shelf. Of course I had to pick it up and spray it on. OMG!! This is the perfect fresh light clean scent I have been looking for. Last week I mentioned the Pure Grace perfume from Philosophy. Jennifer Aniston's beats that one. Love it!!!

Sticky Notes. I don't know where I would be without them. I am constantly writing on them and sticking them all over the place (especially in my classroom).

Michael Bublé's Christmas Album. This is the perfect mix of jazz and Christmas joyfulness. I cannot stop listening to it!

Thai Express. This gets me through my holiday shopping. This week I am loving the Thai flavoured chicken fried rice. Yum!

Canada Mittens. I picked these up on sale a few weeks ago and was so thankful for them yesterday when I had to scrape ice off of my car.



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