Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making time

It is very easy to get caught up in everyday to-do-lists. And if you're a lister, like me, you'll find that sometimes the tasks pile up quicker than they get done. A resolution I made before going back to work this year was to make time for myself each and everyday. I know that this can seem impossible when there are always so many things to do all the time. I have decided that my cut off work time is 8pm and after that I take an hour for myself to either read, catch up on emails, talk to a friends, surf the Internet, or catch up on a good show. For a procrastinator like me, making this 8pm deadline was difficult because most days I tend to start my work later in the evening. But I have tried to make an effort to get as much as I can done right after school. I can't say yet if it's going to work...I've only been back for two days. But so far so good! And today I'm even done a little early!



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