Sunday, May 8, 2011

I cannot wait for this!!

A couple of years before I graduated high school I discovered the Sisterhood of the Traveling pants books. I read the first two at least five or six times and eagerly awaited the release of books three and four in the series. I hoped that the story would go on forever but unfortunately it ended with the fourth book. I related to the girls in the story and could see my own friends within the characters and longed to be friends with the girls in the book. They made the first book into a movie and then made a second movie and somehow managed to cram the rest of the books into that one movie...not the best idea! Despite the failure of the movies I still love the books and was so excited to find out today that the author is releasing one more book that will meet up with the girls 10 years later. It comes out in June and I cannot wait to read it and be reunited with some of my favourite characters!

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