Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to reality

New York was absolutely amazing! It was a much needed get away and I enjoyed every second. Well maybe not EVERY second. I have an issue with crazy drivers and every shuttle or cab I got into in New York was driven by someone who clearly never learned how to drive properly!

Things you should not do when driving:
1. Read. The guy driving the shuttle from the airport to the hotel was reading notes and writing on his clipboard as he was driving! I think he spent more time with his eyes off the road than one the road. It is a miracle we made it to the hotel in one piece.

2. Drive on the lines instead of between the lines. I am not sure how it is safe to drive between the lanes. We got way too close to the cars around us. I think I closed my eyes after the first 5 minutes so I wouldn't have to witness the insanity anymore.

3. Slam on the breaks every 5 seconds. Maybe if he wasn't driving so close to other cars he wouldn't have had to slam on the breaks. I will never eat again before going on one of those shuttles. Actually, I don't know if I will ever take one of those shuttles again.

4. Honk at everyone around you. I am pretty sure that it was not the people around us who were driving poorly. I think our shuttle driver was confused as to why people were driving in their own lanes instead of in between like him. He was angry cause everyone was in his way.

To add to this list: the shuttle smelled like poop and I was worried that I would spend the weekend smelling like poopy shuttle.

Besides the horrendous shuttle ride and the questionable cab rides (which I will not get into right now), the trip was amazing. I got a ton of shopping done and got to walk all around my faviourite city. There is something magical about being in NYC. When I recover financially from my trip I will plan my next visit.

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