Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kids say the darnest things!!

Leave it to the kids at school to make me question my appearance. This morning I put on one of my favourite sweaters and a new pair of dress pants. These pants are plaid and I think they look dressy. I was proven wrong. I did not question my outfit choice until I got to the kindergarten class at school. The minute I walked in one of the kids yelled "Mme!! Is it PJ day today??" I honestly had no clue why they were asking me that question. When I asked her why she thought it was PJ day she said "because you're wearing you PJ pants, silly!!" I ignored the comment only to have another kid walk by and say "Mme, why are you in your jammies??" And to add insult to injury, during a lunch duty one of my gr 5s asked me why I was wearing PJ pants. I left the house feeling pretty good about my outfit choice and a few hours later I could not wait to get home to change. I will never be wearing those pants to school again!



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