Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday: Things I like this week (food/drink)

Here are some of my favourite foods/drinks this week:

Yoplait Tropical. I love tropical fruits and with flavours like banana pineapple, coconut and raspberry lychee, these yogurts are addictive!! I love them with granola cereal in the morning.

Kikkoman Miso Soup. I'm a big fan of miso soup and will usually order a bowl when I'm out for sushi. I picked up this bag of miso soup from the grocery store the other day. It's quite good for an instant soup.

Orange Cranberry Raspberry Juice. I came across this yesterday while grocery shopping and decided to give it a try. My new goal is to try a different type of juice flavour every time I run out. So far I this is my favourite. Tangy and sweet.

Smarties. My guilty pleasure candy. I've been super stressed all week and have found myself reaching for these delicious chocolates. Someone needs to hide my stash.

Tetley White Tea Raspberry. This is the best tea ever!! I think I just love everything that has raspberry in it. I've been drinking this while curled up with a good book. A great way to end the day.

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